The Prevalence of Vampirism in Medical Settings.

I have recently found, that compared to normal nurses, the nurses that are there when you’re donating blood are much more vampire-like. I discovered this today while waiting to donate blood. A random nurse walked up to me and asked me to show her my arms. She then poked at my veins and walked away but not before whispering ‘beautiful’ to herself. That’s only a little bit terrifying. More if you take into account that the last time I gave blood, the nurses joked about drinking it. And the time before that the nurse said not to worry because she doesn’t bite. Much. Needless to say, I did not donate blood today. (Although that might be more the fact that my iron count turned out to be too low for me to do so. Such nice vampires, caring about whether I live or not).


Random Thought



You know an actor is a good one when you’re checking out their filmography on Wikipedia and it takes you to a different page. 

Lol i checked out Cillian Murphy’s page last night, and that’s the first time I noticed some actors had that separate page!

I love it when I’m looking up one of my favorite actors and they have that page because it gives me a list of like 50 movies I now want to watch.